Frequently Asked Questions

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Choose your cake flavour, serving size, the date and leave the rest to us!

Its simple as it sounds, Select your cake, select pick-up/OR delivery date that is available at checkout and we do the rest.
We bake prior to delivery/pick-up and each cake is hand-made just for you, we don’t store readymade cakes in our kitchen!

We deliver cakes around most of Perth suburbs, delivery or pick-up option will be available for you to choose at Checkout!

We deliver cakes to majority of Perth, WA. This can be determined when you write your address at checkout where it will automatically calculate delivery fee of according to your location, and in some cases it will also let you know that we don’t deliver to your location, if that happens please get in touch we can sometimes arrange a special delivery fee for you!

As each order is baked specifically to you to retain its freshness and so we don’t keep cakes stored for sale.

Delivery or pick up dates are available once the product is placed in the basket and order is proceed, you can choose delivery option or pick up option along with date, and time slots of delivery/pick-up.
Please note, we take Friday and Saturday bookings early on the week, and once we reach our capacity for the weekend we do close orders to ensure we deliver and design cakes on time accordingly to the orders we have received already, we always advice to book cakes in advance!

Delivery times and pick up times are available once you have already ordered, and our pick up time is available from Monday till Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday, 10am-5pm and delivery time slots are also available to choose at checkout (We’re closed on Wednesdays and Sundays). However, you can pick up or get your cake delivered on Saturday if your event is on Sunday as our cakes do stay fresh for up to a week!

Delivery fee:

Delivery fee is $10 to majority of Perth, WA although to northern suburbs it is $15 on orders above $60 exc gst!

Yes, you can always choose pick-up option. Most pick ups are picked from our home registered kitchen located in Cockburn central, Although all orders are baked and prepared from our commercial space located in 3/79 Cutler Road Jandakot, as we don’t want to rush you picking up your cake and so we get our baked cakes home for their pick up!

Drizzled delivers to majority of Perth suburbs including Perth metropolitan and surrounding suburbs! We deliver north just before Joondalup and south just till Rockingham.

Please write your delivery address at checkout it will automatically calculate delivery fee that is normally $10 exc gst to majority of Perth and northern Perth delivery fee is offered when the order is above $60 exc gst. that is $15 delivery fee charge exc gst.

We deliver cakes from Monday till Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday. (We are closed on Wednesdays and Sundays for the time being). You can choose pick up or delivery time and day at check out.
We always call the receiver prior to delivering cakes/desserts so we can make sure someone would be at home to receive their cake as we do not leave our edible items on the porch unless otherwise specifically directed to do so. We do communicate with the receiver of the approximate time they should expect their delivery and if there would be any delays that day we let the receiver know any updates.

If you have placed an order with us from another country, you or your recipient will receive a message prior to delivery so we can make sure they are at home and they are expecting us to deliver an edible item.
We do take an important note of cakes being sent as surprise but we do need to let your recipient know that there is a present arriving for them sent by you as this way we can make sure someone is at home to receive their present.

We always message prior to delivery to ensure you or someone is at home to receive the delivery, if we have not heard from you, we will still deliver your cake at the provided time by you but if someone is still not there to receive the delivery, we will call/message and leave your product wherever you would like on your premises or with your neighbour!

We do highly recommend that you or someone must be home to receive the delivery, as cakes are fragile and we don’t want our product to be damaged by weather conditions, atmosphere or insects.

If you know that someone won’t be home, we are happy to deliver the cake else where, such as school, workplace etc. Please choose a different delivery address at checkout!

but we will always call or message prior to delivery so we can deliver your cake safetly

Yes, our cakes are Halal and does not contain alcohol or gelatine. All our colours are halal certified and/or vegan friendly. We are a muslim family owned business and so we will always ensure that our products are halal!

No, at the moment we don’t have a storefront,
However, we do have a registered commercial kitchen based in Jandakot and we always bake according to order!

We don’t store cakes for just sale, each order is made just for you!

Yes, we have a cash on delivery option and many other option to pay for your cake!

Yes, writing on cakes is free of charge, please mention the written details on order comment!

Please, be aware that we can only fit so much on the cake, a whole message cannot be written onto cakes but personalization such as (happy birthday, happy anniversary etc) can be done!

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