A Family-Owned
Online Cake Company

A genuine sweet tooth leading to an incredible idea.

When a sweets obsession
becomes an online cake business

It all began with a sweet craving and baking a brownie batch on a school night – eventually growing to be one of Perth’s best online cake companies. Ateba has always been obsessed with desserts, especially cakes and brownies. Occasionally, she would bake brownies and serve them to her school friends, taking their feedback and working on perfecting the recipe.

Later, she became curious and started studying recipes and experimenting with ingredients throughout high school. The goal was always for the dessert to feel as good as it tasted.

It all began in 2017

Once Ateba perfected her brownie recipe, she started learning other baking skills. With the support of her family, she was encouraged to register a business and sell cakes and brownies in 2017. Ateba’s parents had always inspired her to start her own business rather than work for someone else.

This led Ateba to explore her entrepreneurial mindset, and while studying at Curtin University she also started selling brownies to coffee vendors at the university. On the other side, she opened her online cake shop and started baking custom cakes for her customers.

It was all going well, everyone praised her brownies through the university hallways and made positive comments on her cakes. But it all went down when the vendors were asked to be closed and parties were cancelled in the year 2020, the year of “The pandemic”!

Meet The Team

In 2020, Ateba was at home, with no vendors to sell brownies to, however, customers were still occasionally purchasing small serving cakes. Some of those customers from overseas would request to send a small serving of cake to their families in Perth. This led Ateba to a grand idea, which was to open an online cake shop. An easily accessible online system to order cakes and send them to families and friends in Perth.

Ateba soon began to create her website with her husband, Hanzalah. Ateba bakes and decorates cakes and also manages customer service, while Hanzalah delivers the products, manages the inventory, and takes care of business finances.

Our ingredients

Sourcing quality ingredients is a key aspect of our cakes and brownies. We aim to serve desserts that not only look good but taste amazing, which is why we source Belcolade (The real Belgian chocolate) from Belgium which has 55% cocoa for our brownies. We also use Australian butter Devendale and quality eggs in all of our baked goods. Our vanilla is also locally sourced from the Natural Vanilla store, which is a non-alcoholic Halal vanilla paste.

For our vintage cakes, and other colourful cakes or cupcakes, we use Colour Mill and Chef Master colour ranges which are both vegan, kosher certified and Halal.

From sourcing local quality ingredients to giving our customers the best service, we strive to deliver the best cakes, and brownies to your loved ones in Perth, Western Australia.